Florian Jewelry began in 1984 on the streets of San Francisco, where Denise and Bennett Weiss designed their signature elegant handmade earrings and necklaces using pearls, gemstones, glass beads, and sterling silver. As the years passed and more and more people became acquainted with their jewelry, they moved to New York and began selling their product to shops and boutiques all over the world, from New York City to Tokyo, while staying true to their roots as crafts vendors and appearing at handmade craft fairs throughout the United States. 

In 2015, their son Keaton and his wife Amanda have taken the reins and continued designing and creating handmade jewelry. Honoring Florian's philosophy of producing elegant fashion at affordable prices, Keaton and Amanda have now for the first time ever made Florian Jewelry available online to all. Feel free to browse our online catalogue of handmade earrings and necklaces, and also be sure to click on the "Find Us" page to see where we'll be setting up at our next pop-up or craft fair, where you can come see an expanded selection of jewelry items!